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                                                                                                                3rd Generation Doe's

                                                                             MilkMaidRanch HR Boot's Legacy 

Boots is named after her dame. I had a hard time letting go of her name when she died so I decided to pass it onto her last daughter. At 8 weeks of age I was seeing her moms personality in her. She has a twin brother on the Bucks page, Deuce. For now Boots is retained for breeding. In time I may sell her after she has had some doelings. Adding the genetics of Aruba(Hot Rod) on her sire's side will be a nice addition to Boot's genetics. I will change out the photos as I get good ones. Like her mom, she has a well attached udder and gives 1/2 gallon per day as a first freshener. That's how her mom started.  

Pedigree for Boot's Legacy  

 MilkMaidRanch FT Hot Rod 

 Glory Dancers Full Throttle 

 Orianthis GL Shalom
 AFF Herd BC Chevre
 MilkMaidRanch IA Island Girl Glory Dancers CBP Isaiah
 MilkMaidRanch P Aruba


MilkMaidRanch NA BootsRMade4Walkin

 Ivy Gables OB Nashville

 CornerStone Farm STS Obadiah

 Iron-Rod STG Sustina
 MilkMaidRanch GA Nancy Sinatra
 MilkMaidRanch MS Gaston
 MilkMaidRanch G Dixie



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