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For those that are getting into goats no matter if they are dairy goats or meat goats, there are some things you need to know about how they interact with each other. Check out the page called "Giving Birth". Photo's of a kid being born.
Goats have a pecking order in the herd, just like wolves do. One is the lead doe and usually she is not challenged unless she is getting old or hurt. Most of the arguments are between the mid to lower ones in pecking order. When a new goat is introduced to the herd she'll have to prove herself to the others and this is with head butting. This also happens about a week before kidding starts as their hormones are up in production. Some photo's here will show how they challenge and argue.
Here are Tasha(back) and Chevre when she was introduced to the herd. Notice the hair standing on end going down their backs and humped up like cats do when ready to fight. I laugh whenever I see them do this, it's like they are trying to be as tall as they can get and they even walk on their toes so to speak. They do a lot of tail wagging also. The photo on the right is Dip n' Dots(yearling) on the right telling Florida Keys(weanling) that she is older so she's the boss. The doe with her back to us is Sweet Thing(yearling). Notice all 3 of them have their hair up going down their backs. Sweet Thing is not going to join in but is the ref. Usually some will follow and cheer on the one that is winning. Dip and Keys are in the process of rubbing on each other, no head butting yet. Actually, both were just bluffing.
Tasha is a dominant doe and will challenge anyone. The day I took the photo's on this page was when the older weanlings were brought back to the herd. The 2nd doeling on the right(left photo) is Sweet Pea, the largest of the weanlings. She will be higher up in the pecking order in time. Notice her front legs are stiff and she is bracing for her head to be butted by Tasha. Her hind legs are under her body. They can do this for some time, hours and cause their heads to bleed, not flowing with blood but raw. When a doe goes up to head butt they are very serious. Now, this has always amazed me. In the photo on the right Polar Bear at 4 months old is breaking up the fight. The two that were fighting are Tasha, 3rd from the right and Sweet Pea, 2nd from left. The Great Pyrenees will tell them when it's enough.
All this was over who was going to have the top of the manure pile. Middle photo, Tasha's at it again. The photo below is of Tootsie Roll and her twin sister, Dip N Dots having a good time rubbing themselves in the manure pile. They love to scratch. Notice the photo below/right. This is Tasha after her afternoon of fighting was over and her hair was still up going down her back.
Now, the photo's below show an iodized salt block that started out at 50lbs. They need this to keep healthy. It also has trace minerals. You can see how the round indentations get in it by the photo on the right. Starting on the left are Carol King, middle is Chevre and right is Tennessee, enjoying themselves licking the block.



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