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The Mini-Apline is being developed by breeding a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck with a registered Alpine doe. Not the other way around. It would be too hard for a Nigerian Doe to deliver a kid from a standard sized Alpine buck. Both parents have to be registered with one of the 3 registries. The kids from this first cross is the 1st generation of Mini-Alpine. When the breeding of a 1st gen doe with a 1st gen buck takes place and the kids are born that is the 2nd generation, and so forth. There are times when a 1st gen will be bred with a 2nd gen. The kids from this breeding will be a 2nd generation. Don't think a Nigerian Dwarf buck cannot reach the tallest Alpine doe. Believe me, I've seen mine breed them, it does work. Quality is of the utmost importance so getting Alpines or Nigerians from a sale barn or flea market is not what to get. Look for breeders in your area by going to many of the Yahoo goat groups or www.miniaturedairygoats.net. 
Piddlin Acres V Don Juan is a very good example of a sire to use in a breeding program and both Aruba and Dixie have had his kids in Nov. 2010. The kids are 1st gen's even though both doe's are 1st gen's. Adding the genetics of a standard doe or purebred buck puts any kids back to the 1st gen.
Pedigree: all Nigerian Dwarf
                                      Grandsire: MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S E
Sire: Piddlin Acres WB Viagra *S E
                              Granddam: MCH Piddlin Acres Picachu 2*D
                              Grandsire: MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Dam: Piddlin Acres Tex's Pinata *D VG
                                      Granddam: Piddlin Acres Amamo Fiesta
Don Juan  
Pedigree for Linfor Romantic Serenade:
Sire: Badger Cheek Romantic Jude
Dam: Sweet Dreams WF Nocturne
This doe is Aruba's dam.
This is Linfor Romantic Serenade (ADGA) American Alpine, who was used in my breeding program for the first generation kids. I have 1 of her daughters, Aruba on the Sr. Doe's page, Reference doe. She is also the Granddam to Montego Bay.
Below are the standard doe's that were added to the herd in 2010.

                                                 NODAWAY ER ARWEN Purebred French Alpine registered with ADGA and AGS

Nodaway ER Arwen is a French Alpine that was bought in September of 2010 for our Mini breeding program. I decided to breed her to Nashville, a 1st gen buck from Iron Rod bloodlines in Virginia. These photo's of Arwen were taken the morning after her 10 hour ride from MO so she was tired and gaunt. This doe has the best personality I've seen in any Alpine. I fell in love with her on sight. With her udder and Nash's dam's udder I can't wait for kids to mature from them.
Pedigree:  Sire: Nixon's Enduring Reason(Nodaway Spirit of Endurance*B - Nixon's CD Camille)
                Dam: Nodaway Sly Gabrielle(GCH Nodaway Dragon Slayer ++*B - GCH Nodaway Friendly Aubrey 4*M)



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