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Here is Sarabi doing what she was so great at, raising babies. You can see she was the best no matter if they were her kids or baby deer. Both fawns are Faylene. They were very close and Faylene's first year to have her own fawns, she relyed on Sarabi for support. An amazing relationship that lasted for many years. The middle photo is with her own kids. What a proud mamma she was.
The Guardians of Milk Maid Ranch
The Great Pyrenees
Kanga - November 1, 2001 - June 1, 2011
You will always be in my heart my big boy.
The GP's are very playful dogs with their humans but if anyone comes while you are not around they are on duty. I have been told this from my neighbor that lives 1/4 of a mile, next door. We got Kanga back in Dec. of 2001 at 7 weeks old. I never thought that little ball of fluff would grow into the great guardian that he was. When he was 3 months old Kanga was on the job. Sarabi was in labor and Kanga and I were sitting there waiting for the first kid. While she laid down to deliver the 2nd kid Kanga cleaned off the first one for her. They had a very good relationship and usually where Kanga was, there was Sarabi. He also was a very important part of my physical therapy after a very bad accident in 2002. I was away from home for one month. He was 5 months old the day I came back home to recover. I had to learn to walk again and he was right beside me every time I went out to get my strength in my legs by walking in the pastures. He would even put a paw right in front of me if I started walking too fast, look up at me and give me a, "You're going too fast mom" look. As my balance is not 100% he was always there when I needed him to steady me. He killed coyote's & protected me from strangers that showed up while I was outside and all I had to do was think, "Kanga, where are you?" and there he was walking up behind the strangers very quietly, come between them and me with slobber hanging from his mouth. Holding in laughter was very hard at that moment.
Kanga at 7 years old, 2009, his age was showing   



Kubby was a year old in Feb. of 2010. He has become a wonderful guardian also and with Kanga as his teacher he's thriving at his job. To know they are doing their job, consider this: spring kidding season of 2010, I had a kid that was 5 days old wander out of the barnyard. I didn't know it and mom decided to stash him so he'd be safe. As it was getting dark I realized he was missing. I kept telling myself I'd never find him on 40 acres with a flashlight. Both Kanga and Kubby were out and I called for them to come in the barn yard for the night. Kanga turned, looked at Kubby and then came in the gate. I kept telling Kubby to come but he just laid down. I told him he was out for the night. The next morning he was still in the same spot. I did chores, put a dish out for him but he didn't get up. Strange, as he always gets fresh goat milk with breakfast. I opened up the gate to let the girls out to pasture. Mom was going crazy looking for her little brat. Kubby got up and there the little buckling was, curled up with Kubby. The look on his face was priceless, "Mom, what made you think I wouldn't stay with him?" The tears in my eyes were for Kubby showing me he does his job and that the kid was OK. It was a very happy reunion for mom and kid. That kid is MMR DJ Lover Boy, a young Nigerian buck that is the son of Piddlin Acres V Don Juan & now lives with Terry Clancy in South Texas and is the grandsire to our 2nd generation buck, Solid Gold. 
Kubby has a different coat, very fluffy. I can't put the largest collar on him, have to put 2 together to fit around all that fluff. He has taken over for Kanga and does his job to perfection. Below are pictures as Kubby grew.
Kubby at 8 weeks old with Kanga 
Doing their jobs

Kubby as he grew. OH, he got his name from my husband. He said that he looked like Kanga's cub. So we started calling him Cubby, but with Kanga having the K, I changed the spelling. 

Kubby at 10 months 
2 years old, April 2011


Polar Bear
Now it's Kubby's little brothers turn to learn the ropes about being a great guardian. In May of 2010 this little pup joined the barnyard. He is so much like Kubby that I have a problem not calling him that. But this one is named Polar Bear. He's already going out to the pastures with the boys, comes back on his own during the hot time of day and stays with some new kids that don't go out yet. It will be interesting to see if he has his big brothers traits. After a year now PB is taller than Kubby and has a dominant personality even though he is neutered. He loves to put a front paw around my leg and lean on me. He has my heart.
He's just tooooo cute.


The brothers below, the summer of 2010. Polar Bear is growing up and big brother Kubby is doing a great job of teaching him what to do.  Below is 'Being Lazy 101".

Polar Bear at 7 months. Taken 10/16/10   
Looking more like his brother every day.  On the right, he's 10 months   
Snow is here, & what a doll she is. The boys are very happy to have a pup with them, especially Polar Bear. She was a bit timid of the boys at first but is the pack queen now.
Snow(puppy), Polar Bear and Kubby(back) 

Snow and Polar Bear
With front end down and hind end in the air, there is no way to mistake it,
Snow wants to play. 8/11/11
At 7 months old Snow is doing a wonderful job. She is a verbal pup and is the first
one to tell me there is something up. Unlike the boys, she is wanting my attention all
the time. She was sick a few weeks after coming home and I had to nurse her so
I think our bond is stronger. She also is willing to learn the basic commands that a house
dog would learn. Down & over she had within minutes, comes in handy when trimming 
those double dewclaws. 



All of Snow's pups have been sold and I did keep a female.
Roo will be staying with her mom to learn the ropes out in the pastures.
Snow was watching the other GP's play

One of the pups will be staying here to live her life guarding the livestock on Milk Maid Ranch. We have decided on Roo.  She is standing over her mom(Snow) at 9 months old. She has Kubby's fur and is taller than her mom is. She likes to be round the house to protect it and I don't mind that but she also likes the calves so she has 2 jobs. 

 Kubby at 8 years old taken on 4/12/16 



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