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3rd Generation Buck

       MilkMaidRanch Heza Hunka Burn'n Love

Hunk is his sire to a T. Being polled is the icing on the cake for me. His dam, Java, has the softest udder I've ever had my hands on. He will be breeding the girls this fall for March kids.

Pedigree for Heza Hunka Burn'n Love 

MMR CA Heza Hunk

FMG CYB Cabri  

Camanna UP Yaquina Bay
 Soldier-Mtn Wapiti
MilkMaidRanch HR Sheza ClassicMilkMaidRanch FT Hot Rod  
MilkMaidRanch Nash's Silhoutte 


MilkMaidRanch CA Java

FMG CYB Cabri 

Camanna UP Yaquina Bay 

Soldier-Mtn Wapiti
MilkMaidRanch RH Boot's Legacy    
MilkMaidRanch FT Hot Rod
MilkMaidRanch NA BootsRMade4Walkin


                                                                            Reference Bucks


                                                                       IVY GABLES OB NASHVILLE
Nashville has been sold and is now on a ranch with 300 doe's to breed. Congratulations Nash and thank you for adding your fine qualities to your offspring at Milk Maid Ranch, Worship Dancers, Cherry Butte, Frosted Mini Goats, and other breeders. His offspring are in 11 states now. He will be missed but knowing he will live the rest of his life being very, very happy is so worth it. Plus his blood is being carried on at Milk Maid Ranch in his offspring. I am keeping one of his last buck kids for the breeding program(Memphis).
This buck is a 1st generation - 50/50, he came to us in the summer of 2009 as a weanling from Virgina. He is out of Iron-Rod STG Sustina(ADGA) and by CornerStone Farm STS Obadiah (AGS). I couldn't have been happier to have Nash as my main buck for the 1st gen doe's. His first kids were born in Feb. 2010. Waiting to see what his daughters would do seemed like forever but several of them are producing a gallon & more per day. I was wanting him to add to his daughters teat size and he's done that. 

The picture on the left was taken on 8/20/12, the middle photo on 6/26/10 at 14 months old. He was born in April 2009.  I can't say enough about Nash, won't jump on a person, halter broke, pasture and hand breeds, complete manners, will heal like a dog.   
                Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson - AGS
Sire: CornerStone Farm STS Obadiah - AGS
                4 Fun My Fair Lady - AGS
                Iron-Rod Radical Strategy - ADGA
Dam: Iron-Rod STG Sustina - ADGA
                Iron-Rod Abner Susan - ADGA

                                                     1st Generation Buck
FMG CYB Cabri:  This buck came from Idaho as a weanling & he has a few doelings on the ground that have his Polled head. He bred Legacy, Chevy Nova, Sheza Classic, Sheza Pest and Boot's for late December, 2016 kids. In his first breeding season he passed on his Polled head to most of his kids. NEWS: Cabri has been sold. I did keep a son of his out of Sheza Classic that will carry on for his sire. 

 Sire: Camanna UP Yaquina Bay (Quin)


Dam: SG Soldier-Mtn Wapiti 1*M

Cabri was in the Fall V Show(2014) with MDGA and won his class under Tim Flickinger - A buck that really admire strength to pasterns and set to rear legs but would like to see stringer shine and fuller in crops. Inter kid is your Jr champion AOM buck he is more upstanding and smoothly blended in his front end.
And under Tamara Taylor - This young buck is commended for his Dairy Strength. He is long and lean in the neck, is refined and encurving in the thigh as seen both from behind and from the side. In addition he is high and arched in the escutcheon. 


Camanna UP Yaquina Bay (Quin)

 Camanna GD Ultimate Praise

Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy
Rosasharn GX ULU
 Camanna PC Cleopatra in BluePecan Hollow TW Prince Caspian 
Camanna FD Blue Veronica


SG Soldier-Mtn Wapiti 1*M
Pearl Valley Speed Nyeri*B
Soldier-MNT Southern Melody
Redwood Hills Revolution Speed
Pearl Valley Laredo Nakuru
Amy's Pride Southern Gentleman
Soldier-MTN Pvra Irene

2nd Generation Buck

                                                                    GCH MilkMaidRanch N Memphis 
                                                                          2nd Generation

GCH MilkMaidRanch N Memphis is a 2nd generation buck that was born to me in 2010 and was sold and went to Idaho for a few years. He had 2 different owners but both of them showed and he was able to earn his Championship Title.  Now he is back home and passing his genetics on to some new doe's here. The buck on the right is Memphis' sire, Nashville. As you can see Memphis came with a winter coat so his neck is not that short. There is a way of breeding your doe's to Memphis without having him on your property. You can buy him in a straw. His semen has been collected and is 4 sale. 
Contact Nancy Boling: nakpo0903@gmail.com for all the info on AI'ing your girls to Memphis. Tell her Suzy sent you. 
He's a bit hairy

At 4 months old

 Show Wins:

Had a VCH leg as a Jr. Buck, and a CH leg as a yearling

2012 ISDGA-2 x Best Buck In Show

2012 Summer V-Show-2x 1st, 1x Grand Champion, 1x Reserve Grand Champion, was mentioned as one of the choices for BBIS, but didn't get it

Kid Record:

Spring 2011, 2012: unknown; Fall 2012: 1 buck, 1 doe; Spring 2013: 5 does, 6 bucks; Fall 2013: 2 does, 1 buck; Spring 2014: 3 does, 5 bucks

CAE negative 


Ivy Gables OB Nashville - MDGA & TMGR

 CornerStone Farm STS Obadiah

Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson
4 Fun My Fair Lady
 Iron-Rod STG SustinaIron-Rod Radical Strategy
Iron-Rod Abner Susan


MilkMaidRanch G Dixie - MDGA

 MilkMaidRanch Galloway


 Mt River Ranch Gretta


2nd Generation Buck
MilkMaidRanch CA Heza Hunk

Heza is a triplet buckling out of a daughter of Silouette. His dam is Sheza Classic, his sire is FMG CYB Cabri and is Polled. As with most triplet kids I was going to take the female off of Sheza so the 2 boys could nurse but she had so much milk that the kids did just fine on her. His first breeding season has come & gone to a very few selected doe's. Not one of them repeated a cycle & his first kids will be on the ground the last week of Dec/first week of Jan, 2018.

Pedigree for Heza Hunk 

FMG CYB Cabri  

 Camanna UP Yaquina Bay

 Camanna GD Ultimate Praise
 Camanna PC Pleopatra In Blue
 Soldier-Mtn Wapiti Pearl Vallely Speed Nyeri *B
 Soldier-Mnt Southern Melody


MilkMaidRanch HR Sheza Classic

MilkMaidRanch FT Hot Rod 

Glory Dancers SC Full Throttle 

MilkMaidRanch IA Island Girl 
MilkMaidRanch Nash's Silhoutte 
Ivy Gables OB Nashville
Nodaway ER Arwen VG 




MilkMaidRanch G Mr. Sinatra - 1st generation - 50/50  MDGA & TMGR
Sinatra is the grandsire to most of the 2nd generation kids. He is the twin brother to MMR G Dixie.  He is very tall for a M-Alp but his son, Gaston(Aurba's) brought the size down in the grandkids.
Of his grandkids, there are many that are Cou Blanc as he is.
                                          G Sire: Flat Rocks Pied Piper - (ND) AGS
                                Sire: MMR Galloway - 1st gen MDGA
                                          G Dam: MMR Shortcake - 1st gen MDGA
MMR G Mr. Sinatra - 1st gen
                                          G Sire: *B Brynnestone Artist Advancer (AA) ADGA
                                Dam: Mt-River Ranch Gretta (AA) ADGA
                                          G Dam: Mt-River Ranch Honey (EA/T) ADGA

Milk Maid Ranch Galloway - 1st generation 50/50  MDGA & TMGR
Galloway was perfection. This was his natural stance every time I saw him. He was Mr. Sinatra's sire
along with some of the doe's that have been sold in years past. Any of the doe's with a G(not the GA)
in front of their names are his daughters.
                                                                        G Sire: MCH Ponders End FO Minstrel Show (ND) AGS
                            Sire: Flat Rocks Pied Piper - (ND) AGS
                                                                        G Dam: Chisholm Trail Mystique (ND) AGS 
MMR Galloway- 1st gen
                                                                        G Sire: Flat Rocks Pied Piper (ND) AGS
                           Dam: MMR Shortcake - 1st gen - MDGA & TMGR
                                                                                                      G-G Sire: *B Brynnestone Artist Advancer (AA) ADGA
                                                                        G Dam: Mt-River Ranch Diamond (AA) ADGA
                                                                                                      G-G Dam: Goatridge Casey-Judith (AA) ADGA

  Reed's Golden Elvis (ND) AGS
Elvis is a true friend of a goat. I bought him when he was a kid and loved
having him in my herd. He is Montego Bay's sire but one of the very few
that didn't get his blue eyes. He is now in Virginia.
                              G Sire: MCH Steele Ballew Blue Bayou (ND) AGS
Sire: MCH Steele Ballew Thibodaux (ND) AGS
                              G Dam: MCH Goodwood Gretta VG (ND) AGS
                              G Sire: MCH Steele Ballew Blue Bayou (ND) AGS
Dam: Steele Ballew Silk (ND) AGS 
                              G Dam: Flat Rocks Satin Lace (ND) AGS                            

 Flat Rocks Pied Piper (ND) AGS
Piper is Aruba's sire and he has the most correct legs I've ever seen.
He was sold and lives in west Texas.
                               Sire:  MCH  Flat Rocks Minsteral Show
Flat Rocks Pied Piper (AGS)
                               Dam: Chisholm Trail Mystique



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